Labor Day 2000

Meeting Times:
Sundays: 10am & 5pm
Thursdays: 7pm

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Animal Instincts (Kevin Harper, 16:51)

Human Instincts (Craig Hensley, 1:00:16)

Creation Works as Planned (Dennis Shearer, 13:36)

Taking Care of Our Human Body (Mike Manning, 53:37)

People Work to Survice and Succeed and We Should Too (David Norris, 17:04)

How Does God Punish Laziness (Jon Acree, 31:05)

Jesus Did God's Work Obediently and We Should Too
(Duane Shelton, 41:59)

Saved by Faith (Dave Sims, 19:06)

Saved by Works (Bill Norris, 20:46)

Faith Equals Works (Ron Norris, 35:11)

Published by: The church of Christ that meets in Anaheim, California